LogicTrials is a leading clinical trial pharmaceutical depot and logistics service provider in South Africa.

Clinical Research Organisations operating in South Africa need a focused clinical research services facility. This fast-growing emerging market demands precise monitoring and control of the logistics element of the clinical trial material supply chain.

LogicTrials provides uncompromising service, reliability and integrity to all our customers.



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Who we are

  • A well-managed Clinical Research Services facility, offering Sponsors conducting trials in South Africa a cost-competitive, flexible and streamlined process that will add value in accelerating the process of drug development
  • A centralised clinical trial supplies depot for clinical trials conducted in South Africa
  • Managed by a team of healthcare professionals with extensive experience in clinical research logistics and support
  • Partnered by an international drug development organisation and local BEE management

What we do

  • LogicTrials provides world-class, state-of-the-art clinical research services
  • We manage inventory clinical trial material — from receipt at our depot, storage and distribution to study sites, to returns and destruction
  • We ensure that your investigational product (IP) and other supplies reach the right destination at the right time and in the right condition, according to cGCP and functional SOPs
  • Our perpetual inventory system provides Sponsors and CROs with up-to-date inventory data analyses that are specific to the study protocol, across the entire clinical trial material supply chain

How we do it

  • We understand our customers' needs and endeavour to fulfil these needs with a flexible and innovative customer-interactive approach
  • LogicTrials SA warehouses bulk clinical supplies for distribution to study sites in South Africa. We ensure that all imported shipments of clinical material are collected, checked, verified, packed and transported onwards, all within temperature requirements. This centralised approach, rather than individual shipments to sites, eliminates customs downtime and ensures protocol continuity


Our Logistics Division manages all aspects of the clinical supply chain in a state-of-the-art warehousing facility according to world-class operating procedures.

We have tailored our operations to focus on all essential elements, providing a perfect environment and ensuring "minute-by-minute" accountability for clinical research material.

Essential Elements

  • Distribution of temperature- and time-sensitive clinical trial material
  • Receipt, storage and dispatch
  • Returns, recalls, quarantine and destruction
  • Moving of stock services for pharmacies
  • Inventory movement is software monitored with 'real-time data' reporting
  • Monitoring and maintaining temperature control to ensure integrity of supplies
    • Ambient (15-25°C)
    • Cold chain (2-8°C)
    • Deep freezer (-20°C)
    • Ultra-low temperature (-75°C)
  • Internationally accepted qualified systems and SOPs
  • Use-by date extension relabelling
  • Supply and management of Section 21 products
  • Bulk warehousing of IP to reduce customs downtime
  • Safety and security
  • 24/7 warehouse emergency back-up generator power supply
  • Catastrophic disaster and data recovery plans
  • Equipment maintenance, servicing and pest control

Temperature Monitoring

Our warehouse temperature is monitored daily throughout the year, utilising validated systems to:

  • Include on- and off-site "web-based" monitoring (available to clients)
  • Signal upper and lower temperature limit violations
  • Provide continuous 3D-mapping of warehouse, quarantine and cold rooms


A highly effective 'Text Message Auto Dialler' security system receives alarm output signals including:

  • Intrusion alarm
  • Smoke detection
  • Temperature violations
  • Power disruption

An appropriate text message is sent to management and operational staff for immediate action.

Supply Chain

We manage and maintain the continuity of the entire supply chain:

  • IP release from sponsor
  • Track 'n Trace
  • Customs clearance
  • Port health checks
  • Bulk or "direct to site" receipts
  • Secure storage
  • Pick and pack processes with detailed line clearance
  • In-transit temperature monitoring
  • Daily dispatches
  • Acknowledgement of receipts
  • Returns, recalls and rejects
  • Quarantine and destruction

Data Delivery - Collaborative Workspace

Protocol-specific supply chain data are perpetually "provided" online to CRO/sponsor within a Collaborative Workspace. This is "stand alone" Windows-based software enabling clients to receive copies of all applicable protocol and supply chain records including:

  • Goods Received Notes (GRNs)
  • Clinical Supplies Shipment Request Form (CSSRFs)
  • Clinical Supplies Packing List (CSPLs)
  • Acknowledgement of Receipts (AoRs)
  • Certificates of Analysis (CoAs)
  • Medical Safety Datasheets (MSDs)

Data are synchronised using the "Protocol Synchronising Directory" – any data added to the Collaborative Workspace will instantaneously update all participants in REAL TIME.
No "Log-in" required.


LogicTrials has a growing client base, including a large number of leading international pharmaceutical research companies.

We offer our clients the full range of distribution services relating to investigational products.

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